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Metal twin brackets


  • MIM technology

    Perfect shape, and have greater consistency, accuracy and precision

  • 80 gauge mesh

    Have a better match with the curvature of the tooth, as while as a maximum contact and srong, consistsent bonding.

  • New chamfered design

    Easy engagement, designed to reduce the chance of the archwire binding or crimping

Innovation from the bottom up

The innovative design of the Omni MIM brackets system starts from the bottom up, with a 80 gauge foil mesh bonding pad that matches the curvature of the toooth for maximum contact and a strong, consistent bond. The Omni MIM bracket is also designed with torque-in-base to provide level slot lineup and help avoid occlusal interference.

Detail makes differences

Using high quality 17-4 stainless steel, United Dental has been able to reduce the size of the Magnum ™ series by 30% while producing a stronger , more durable bracket. The end resule is a superior product with enhanced comfort and flexibility.