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Uni-Python series

Uni-Python series buccal tubes provide the most veriaty with all weldable, bondable, non-convertible, convertible, Roth, MBT, Edgewise,single, double or triple tubes options.

Uni-Faclon series

Uni-Falcon series buccal tubes is the most papular design in the market.With an innocative designed easy entrance funnel, Falcon tubes tubes will be the professional Orthodontists' first choice to use.

  • Large pad size

    The large pad size improves the bond strength and havea better fit to the tooth.

  • ID system

    Make it easy to identify the quadrant.

  • MIM technology

    Ensure a high accuracy on the production

  • Comfortable hook design

    This hook design tilts away from gingiva to avoid impingement and enhance patients'comfort.