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Uni-TAD system

Uni-TAD(Temporary Anchorage Device) system offers fixed anchorage to assist with the efficiency of the orthodontic treatment. Due to the design of the conical thread, dring is eliminated in most areas of the mouth. In areas of high bone desity, It may be necessary to utilize the 1.1 mm drill provided to penetrate the cortical plate.

  • Safe use

  • Working simply

  • Efficiency

  • Comfortable


     This button head design makes it possible to use springs and power chains.

       Make it possible to use different wires

        Make it easy to adapt the bone

             Self-Drilling design to ease insertion and maximize stability

Working  Length

        6mm          7mm          8mm          9mm          10mm          11mm          12mm

Diameter  1.6mm    MI-1606   MI-1607   MI-1608   MI-1609   MI-1610   MI-1611   MI-1612

Diameter  2.0mm    MI-2006   MI-2007   MI-2008   MI-2009   MI-2010   MI-2011   MI-2012

Mini implant tool