United Dental
Orthodontic & Endodontic supply

Power chains

Power chain is latex free and hypo-allergenic.Medical grade polyurethane ensures practice-building colors are color-fast and stain resistant.


  • Excellent stretch and rebound, giving superior elongation for easy application

  • Latex free

  • Available in a wide array of colors

Ligature ties

United Dental ligature ties are designed to maximize clinical funtionality and treatment efficiency. The colored ligature ties are latex free and hypo-allergenic.(Click to get the color ‍list)

  • Excellent streth and rebond

  • Over 20 kinds of color

  • Latex free

  • Individual patient configuration eliminates potential patient cross


Our intraoral elastics are made from the freshest, purest materials. the O-rings are also designed to maximize clinical functionality and treatment efficiency.

  • Excellent streth and rebond

  • Stain resistant

  • Latex

We proide light(2.5OZ), medium(3.5OZ), heavy(6.5OZ).it is easy to identify them by animal on the package.

  • Latex free

  • 70pcs/stick,1050 rings/pack

  • Excellent streth and rebound

  • Stain resistant